Dr. Rafael Fuentes

Dr. Rafael Fuentes is a  socioeconomy researcher, since 1979, at Instituto Agronomico do Parana. He has experience in Agroecological Zoning, Farmers Typology, Farming Systems Survey, Farm Planning and Sustainability Indicators. He has concentrated in No Tillage System and Conservation Agriculture with special attention to Indicators of Sustainability in No Tillage System and Economy of Crop Rotation. He is also a specialist in Development Oriented Research and participated at the ICRA Course (1987) in Wageningen, The Netherlands and Colima, Mexico. He has a wealth of international experience as FAO – UN consultant to introduce Conservation Agriculture in Nicaragua, Cuba e Haiti. He was the second Secretary Director of Brazilian No-till Farmers Federation (FEBRAPDP) during 2010-2012 and 2014-2016 periods. Rafael graduated in Agronomy at ESALQ – USP in 1978 and holds a masters degree in Agricultural Economics also at ESALQ – USP (1984). He also has a PhD in Agronomy at Universidade Estadual de Londrina – UEL (2007).

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