Award Committee

The Awards Committee established by the International Steering Committee (ISC) of the 2ACCA will administer major awards as advertised by the 2ACCA.

On behalf ISC, and in context of the high priority assigned to promoting, recognizing, and celebrating outstanding achievements in the adaptation, promotion and adoption of Conservation Agriculture, the Committee shall be responsible for those aspects of CA awards under ACCA’s determinations. The Committee’s main purpose is to solicit CA Award nominations from public, review them against established criteria, and recommend the winners to the ISC.

The awards administered by the committee are those which are established and recognized and have defined criteria for eligibility.

This committee will be responsible to do the following:  

  • R1. Review and self-internalize the intention and roles of advertised awards for the 2ACCA
  • R2. Review incoming nominations and determine if they fall within the mandate of the committee. Otherwise, the committee may forward the material to the 2ACCA Steering Committee or disqualify it.
  • R3. Develop an annual schedule of awards for approval by the ACCA Steering Committee.
  • R4. Publicize awards criteria and calls for nominations to the Pan-African community.
  • R5. Assess applicants and nominees based on applicable criteria.
  • R6. Coordinate disbursement and presentation of the awards.
  • R7. Inform the Pan-Africa community about the recipients of major awards and the sponsors.