Upcoming Farmer Award

This category was won by five farmers cutting across the region, Ms Hellen Musibo from Kenya and Mr Yahaya Kima from Burkina Faso under the ROPPA project, Azeddine ELBrahli from Morroco; Sinoya Phiri from Zambia and Lughana Mwaghano from Malawi.

This category sponsored by CCARDESA was won by Ms. Hellen Musibo a Conservation Agriculture Farmer adopter and Mr Yaha Kima Burkina FASO. Hellen has over time expanded her CA acreage from Zero to 3 acres (all her cropping land) and wishes to open up more land as the labour demand has gone down as a result of CA practice. She is a farmer trainer on CA technology and mobilizes other farmer groups to sensitize them on CA in the county. She has also been able to make presentations on various stakeholder forums on her CA
farming experiences.

The price was handed to her by the outgoing Minister of Agriculture and Food Security in Zambia on the behalf of the ZambianĀ  government and Dr.Simon Mwale on behalf of CCARDESA. Such recognition of conservation farmers especially those who put extra effort in difficult mountainous lands goes a long way in promoting adoption. Zambian, South African, Malawian and Zimbabwean farmers who
were presented alluded to the fact that agriculture has transformed their lives through improved household incomes and food security.